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316 S/S Boarwalk Screws Bugle Head Square Drive

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316 S.S. #3 Square Drive Boardwalk Screws
1 lb contains 1 lb

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Product Details

Swaneze square drive screws are designed to work with cedar and redwood decks. Made of grade 305 and 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long lasting reliability. These decking screws feature Beaver Bite type 17 auger points for fast starts and reduced splitting.

Screws are 0.430" in diameter. Selecting 316 stainless steel is an excellent choice for seaside applications and superior corrosion resistance.

Coarse threads approximately 2/3 up the shank of the screw draw boards tightly to the substrate. Use with stable woods and wood substitutes when screw heads need to be hidden. Pre-drilling is always recommended and necessary near board ends in order to prevent splits.