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Product Details

These Martyr Aluminum Anode Kits are suited for all Yamaha outboard engines. Aluminum anodes are ideal for use in salt and brackish water. Multiple kits are available. Stainless steel fastening hardware and installation instructions are included. All anodes in the kit are required for complete protection.

Tech Specs
Item # Includes Description
MTR-CMY150CRKITA CM69L4537101A/ CM6G54525101A200-300 HP Hi Perf. Kit
MTR-CMY150KITA CM61A4537100A/ CM6G54525101A200-250 HP Kit
MTR-CMY200250KITA CM6J94537101A/ CM6G54525101A150 HP Kit
MTR-CMYHP200300KITA CM6K14537102A/ CM6G54525101A150 HP Counter Rotation Kit