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Product Details

Lenco Electric Ballscrew Hatch Lifts are available in a wide range of sizes making them suitable for many applications. They deliver over 500 pounds of push making them ideal for heavy engine covers, decks, large hatches, and electric consoles.

Lenco hatch lifts are designed around a ball screw that spins freely when the hatch is fully open or closed. They are fully submersible and will not drift. Available in both 12V and 24V, each hatch lift includes mounting brackets and SS pull pins.

See the table below for the complete list of part numbers, LOA retracted, approximate stroke and LOA extended dimensions. (LOA = Length Overall, measuring from top bracket to bottom bracket)

NOTE: Lenco Electric Hatch Lifts are sold individually

Tech Specs
Product Number Replaces Part # Volts LOA Retracted Approx Stroke LOA Extended
LEN-20760-001 HL-40012V15"4"19"
LEN-20762-001 HL-60012V20"6"26"
LEN-20764-001 HL-800S12V20"8"28"
LEN-20766-001 HL-80012V24"8"32"
LEN-20768-001 HL-1200S12V24"12"36"
LEN-20770-001 HL-120012V29"12"41"
LEN-20774-001 HL-1600S12V29"16"45"
LEN-20776-001 HL-160012V33"16"49"
LEN-20778-001 HL-2000S12V33"20"53"
LEN-20780-001 HL-200012V37"20"57"
LEN-20782-001 HL-2400S12V37"24"61"
LEN-20784-001 HL-240012V41"24"65"
LEN-20786-001 HL-260012V47"26"73"
LEN-20788-001 HL-300012V47"30"77"
LEN-20761-001 HL-400/24V24V15"4"19"
LEN-20763-001 HL-600/24V24V20"6"26"
LEN-20765-001 HL-800S/24V24V20"8"28"
LEN-20767-001 HL-800/24V24V24"8"32"
LEN-20769-001 HL-1200S/24V24V24"12"36"
LEN-20771-001 HL-1200/24V24V29"12"41"
LEN-20775-001 HL-1600S/24V24V29"16"45"
LEN-20777-001 HL-1600/24V24V33"16"49"
LEN-20779-001 HL-2000S/24V24V33"20"53"
LEN-20781-001 HL-2000/24V24V37"20"57"
LEN-20783-001 HL-2400S/24V24V37"24"61"
LEN-20785-001 HL-2400/24V24V41"24"65"
LEN-20787-001 HL-2600/24V24V47"26"73"
LEN-20789-001 HL-3000/24V24V47"30"77"
Info & Guides

Technical Information

<h3>Lenco Hatch Lift Installation Guidelines:</h3>

  • The actuator is most powerful when it is installed vertically at 90°.
  • Lifting capabilities decrease the closer the upper or lower mount is located to the hinge.
  • The further from a vertical position the less lifting capability.
  • When retracted, do not position hatch lift at an angle less than 45 degrees.
  • Dual actuator systems are recommended for hatches over 500 pounds (226.79 kg) of force.
  • It is important that the hatch lift is able to disengage itself at the fully retracted position.
  • The ram must be allowed to free spin at both ends of its stroke or it will continue to push or pull against any resistance.
  • Failure to make accurate measurements can potentially damage the hatch lift or the hatch itself.