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Product Details

Kong 555 Stainless Steel Snap Hooks feature an easy to operate key-lock gate with an open style eye. AISI Grade 316 stainless steel construction provides strength and maximum corrosion resistance.

Kong manufactures carabiners and snap hooks of all types for climbing, paragliding, hang gliding, safety, and rescue work.

Tech Specs
Part NumberOver All Length (inches)Rod Diameter (inches)Gate Opening (inches)Small Eye Diameter (inches)Working Load Limit (Lbs.)
ASP-55506 2-1/16"3/16"1/4"5/16"90
ASP-55508 2-3/8"1/4"5/16"3/8"120
ASP-55510 3-3/16"5/16"3/8"1/2"220
ASP-55512 3-15/16"3/8"1/2"9/16"320
ASP-55516 5-1/2"1/2"3/4"7/8"400
Info & Guides

NOTE: Do not use breaking strengths as a specification for service or design. Instead, utilize the Working Load Limit (WWL) figure. Breaking Strength numbers are typically produced under laboratory conditions that are not intended to replicate actual field use.

Never exceed the Working Load Limit (WLL). The WLL is the maximum load that should be applied to this product.