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14 Gauge Marine Tinned Primary Wire - (Multiple Colors) Customer Questions and Answers

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I am doing some re wiring on a 1989 Bayliner Ceria 2550. What gauge wire should I use for a fuel gauge sending wire about 12 to 15 ft. long. What gauge for ground? Also, the what gauge for the primary wire from the battery to the helm electrical system? Again about 15 Ft. We do a lot of canal cruising. You have to torn off the boat while in the lock chamber. Also, when ever I start the boat, my electronics go off on the helm and have to be re started. Where do I look for the issue?

Asked on 07/12/2018 by JERRY from Western New York state.

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The gauge you need is dependent on the full closed loop distance for each specific application, and amperage based upon (I am assuming) 12vdc. Blue Sea Systems has a great reference for this in the attached link.

Answered on 07/12/2018 by JD Tech Associate
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14 marine tinned primary wire for gauge applications. 2 gauge for the battery. Remote sorting out of circuitry issues is impossible. Find and hire a local marine electrician.

Answered on 07/12/2018 by claudon
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is 14 GA wire available by the foot?

Asked on 07/28/2016 by Mike Costello

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Sorry, only by the roll.

Answered on 03/07/2017 by
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