Quantum 45 Cold Cure Epoxy Primer Accelerator

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Quantum 45 Cold Cure Epoxy Primer Accelerator
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Colder temperatures make boat painting and priming a real challenge. Add Quantum 45 Cold Cure Epoxy Primer Accelerator to Quantum 45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer or QuantumHB High Build Primer (both sold separately) to maintain cure times in cooler weather, and reduce cure times by as much as 50% in warmer weather.

Most epoxy primers cannot be applied below 55 F. Quantum45 Accelerator maintains cure down to 45 F and speeds cure times in warmer temperatures. Note: Do not use in topcoats.

To maximize gloss and adhesion, Quantum 45 Epoxy Primers are recommended for Quantum 99 Polyurethane Topcoat (sold separately), and are an essential component of the Quantum high solids repairable marine finish system.

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Technical Information

  • Type: Accelerator additive used in QuantumHB High Build Epoxy Primer and Quantum45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer.
  • VOC: 3.65 LBS/GAL
  • Temperature Range: 45°F to 75°F
  • Mixing: Add up to 6 oz./mixed gallon, 1 oz. for every 5°F below 75°F. This is the maximum amount; lesser quantities may be sufficient.
  • Application: Spray, brush, or foam roller. See QuantumHB High Build Epoxy Primer How To and Quantum45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer How To for primary product application.
  • Dry to Sand or Tape @72°F: 16 Hours
  • Recoat Window @ 72°F: 1 to 16 Hours
  • Full Cure @72°F: 168 Hours