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Grinding Discs

3M Grinding discs are available in 5 and 7 inch diameters. As grinding discs serve different functions depending on their backing, coat, and abrasive material, a guide to discs in is order.

3M 280C Open Coat grinding discs are available in grades 16-36, red in color with a durable fibre backing. These discs are designed for paint removal and metal work. They resist loading on acrylics and are excellent for fiberglass grinding.

3M 381C closed coat grinding discs are aluminum oxide and fiber-backed, making them strong yet flexible. These discs are typically used for fiberglass, wood, and metal sanding. 3M 501C Fiber Discs are a tough alumina zirconia mineral-based. Sharp, strong, and versatile, great for deburrring, weld grinding and blending, and metal removal. Premium alumina zirconia mineral provides a fast cut rate that reduces time and effort in processing. A grinding aid helps reduce heat buildup that can cause premature abrasive wear and part discoloration of the disc. In weld removal applications on mild and stainless steel, 3M Fibre Disc 501C outperformed competition in life and finish results by as much as 2:1.

The 3m Roloc grinding tool is a quick change fitting that attaches to any quarter inch drill or air tool, for easy disc grinding. We carry the 3M Green Corps 264F discs for the Roloc system.

Back up pads are available in dustless hook and loop and Stikit no-hole PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive). We also have interface pads which provide additional cushioning between the backup pad and finishing disc during contour sanding.

Roloc surface conditioning pads are available in medium and very fine grades. Consists of a non-woven abrasive product used for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications. An attachment system presses into the disc holder. Abrasive mineral: Very fine or medium grade aluminum oxide. Color: Blue or Maroon MOS: 25000 RPM.