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  Forespar Marine

Forespar Marine Since 1966, Forespar has been building innovative products for the marine industry to make sailing and boating easier, safer and more fun. They offer a complete and extensive line of marine products suited for sailing and powerboating, including spinnaker or whisker poles made of...

  Prisma Composite Preforms

Prisma Composite Preforms Prisma Composite Preforms were first introduced and sold in 1992, they were custom-built stringers and bulkheads used for recreational water craft. Since 1992, several hundred thousand boats, and many other end item products, have been produced using Prisma products....

  Fiberglass and Composite Repair Tips

Composites have numerous advantages over conventional building materials, including ease and durability of repair. However, damaged parts are often replaced simply because many individuals lack the knowledge to repair them or are intimidated by the prospect of fixing them. This brochure describes...

  West System Fiberglass Tapes

Reinforcing Fiber Tapes By Captain J.R. Watson Composites are a blend of resin (in this case mixed epoxy) and reinforcing fiber. Folks often ask, "How strong are they?" It is difficult to answer this question due to many variables including resin type, fiber type, fiber orientation, and...

WEST System epoxy kit WEST System Epoxy Kit
CARBON FIBER Twill Weave Carbon Fiber 2x2 Twill Weave
Building a Carbon Fiber Skimboard
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