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SHURflo Pumps

SHURflo, LLC has been producing small high performance pumps and fluid handling equipment for the recreational vehicle, marine, food service, industrial and water purification industries since 1968. They are a global distributor and ISO-9001:2000 certified, a tribute to their world class.

Potable (Freshwater) Water Pumps

  • Aqua King:
    These pumps guarantee quiet operation and smooth performance while providing the ultimate in durability and reliability. They are designed and built specifically for the harsh marine environment and are equipped with sealed switches and seamless e-coated motors.

  • Extreme Series Smart Sensor 4.0:
    Designed specifically for cruisers and midsize yachts. Its micro-controller based variable speed pump precisely monitors the system's water pressure and adjusts the motor speed. This pump was engineered with a superior four-chamber design that incorporates large inlet and outlet passages to maximize water flow and efficiency, providing a "Just Like Home" shower and quiet operation.

  • Extreme Series Smart Sensor 5.7:
    This microprocessor based variable speed pump delivers over 5.0 GPM and pressure up to 60 PSI. It precisely monitors your system's water pressure and adjusts the motor speed; and with its corrosion resistant coated seamless motor shell and protected electronic package this pump is capable of handling the harsh marine environment.

  • Extreme Series High Flow Strainer:
    Engineered to compliment the higher performance of the Smart Sensor, this strainer will help to keep your Extreme Series pump flowing strong by protecting it from debris in the water.
  • Extreme Series Accumulator Combo:
    This fully-automatic, quiet unit pumps tasteless, odorless water smoothly and consistently. Features include a corrosion-resistant and NSF certified tank, this self-priming combo system can be run dry without damage.

General Purpose Pumps

Incorporating advanced motor technology that includes thermal overload protection, these general purpose pumps offered by SHURflo are self-priming, easy to install and are extremely versatile and suited for a variety of uses, including:
  • Oil Changing Pumps

  • Transfer Pumps

  • Winterizing Pumps

Livewell Pumps

  • Bait Sentry Livewell Pump:
    Designed for easy installation and trouble-free operation, features a magnetic drive technology to eliminate unnecessary failures. Motor keeps running after ingestion of debris or even when running dry and a patented anti-airlock feature allow the pump to clear trapped air in rough water or when the boat is anchored and there are no seals to leak. Also includes dual port for easy washdown pump connection.

  • Pro Baitmaster Pump:
    The seamless motor shell and sealed switch protects the pump form splashed liquids and make it ideal for livewell or washdown applications in harsh marine environments. This is a self-priming pump and can run dry without damage and is thermally protected.

  • Piranha Livewell Pump:
    Features everything you would want in an aerator pump, its tough, high-density nylon housing and heavy-duty water cooled motor give it unparalleled reliability and the patented anti-airlock feature allows the pump to clear trapped air in rough water or when anchored. All the Piranha series pumps have a removable cartridge for easy cleaning.

Piranha Bilge Pumps

These SHURflo bilge pumps are constructed from a tough, high-density nylon housing, this heavy-duty water cooled motor gives you unparalleled reliability. The unique swivel baseplate and extended 6' tinned wire make installations a snap. Also features a removable cartridge for easy cleaning.

Washdown Pumps

  • Raw Water Strainers:
    These strainers are built to keep your bait tank, livewell and washdown pumps protected from harmful debris. They feature a clear twist off bowl and removable stainless steel screen allowing for easy inspection and cleaning. An integral o-ring creates a tight seal, eliminating possible leaks.

  • Blaster Washdown Pumps:
    This rugged self-priming pump delivers high lift and can run dry without damage and wont overheat with extended use. The pumps are ignition protected and switches are sealed against water damage.

  • Extreme Pro-Blaster:
    This high volume pump delivers 5 gallons per minute and pressure up to 45 psi, and was designed for the toughest washdown applications.

Macerator Pumps

SHURflo's Macerator Pumps are designed specifically for sanitation waste and fish box evacuations. They feature a premium impeller design with run-dry capability and include SHURflo's seamless shell motor with o-ring sealed end bells and a sealed manual turn key. Their unique dual blade and housing construction ensure problem free pumping, providing superior performance in harsh marine environments. Both thermally and ignition protected.


SHURflo electric faucets provide a smooth, easy flow and exceptional durability. Featuring a trouble-free, ceramic disc, washerless design and a versatile 360° spout rotation and designed for ease-of-use with a pump or city water system.