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Product Details

Mount Vetus plastic goosenecks immediately before the transom exhaust connection on marine engine exhaust systems. Goosenecks prevent seawater intrusion through the transom and increase water/gas mixing in the exhaust line for noise reduction. The end result is cooler, quieter exhaust and protection against engine flooding.

Tech Specs
Gooseneck ModelInlet DiameterOutlet Diameter
WLOCKLT401-9/16 inch1-9/16 inch
WLOCKLT451-3/4 inch1-3/4 inch
WLOCKLT502 inch2 inch
WLOCKLT602-3/8 inch2-3/8 inch
LT65652-1/2 inch2-1/2 inch
LT65752-1/2 inch3 inch
LT75753 inch3 inch
LT90903-1/2 inch3-1/2 inch
LT901103-1/2 inch4-3/8 inch
LT1101104-3/8 inch4-3/8 inch
LT1024 inch4 inch
LT1275 inch5 inch
LT1526 inch6 inch