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Product Details

Galvanized Thimbles are used commonly in marine applications, especially in areas of reinforcement. Hot-dipped galvanized means that these hardware pieces are corrosion resistant, and appropriate to use with pressure treated lumber. Galvanized thimbles are commonly used to hold the shape and prevent wear for spliced line and rope; anchor rodes are commonly spliced with a galvanized thimble, for example. They can also be used to reinforce wire and cable splices/crimps.

Tech Specs
Part # Inside Rope (inches) Inside Length (inches) Length (inches) Width (inches) Score (inches)
CHI 3240383/82-5/81-7/87/813/32
CHI 3240121/22-7/821-1/819/32
CHI 3240585/83-3/82-7/321-5/1623/32
CHI 3240343/43-7/82-1/21-1/213/16
CHI 3240787/84-9/1631-11/1615/15
CHI 324011 53-7/3221-1/8