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Product Details

The TotalBoat Forklift Boat Lift is designed to raise the bow of a trailered boat to allow maintenance, or to remove the trailer from under the boat when used with boat stands placed under the stern. This easy-to-use, two-piece lift attaches to a forklift to let you quickly and easily lift a boat weighing up to 5,000 lbs onto or off of a trailer.

Simply attach the rectangular blue piece onto one of the forklift forks and tighten it in place, thread the bow eye lifting tube through the bow eye on the boat, secure it in place, and use the forklift to lift the boat.

Important! The TotalBoat Forklift Boat Lift is to be used ONLY for lifting, not for moving a boat. Always read and follow all directions, and be sure to have a second person to help before attempting to lift a boat.

Info & Guides

  • Always read and follow directions before attempting to lift a boat.
  • Never lift a boat that is bigger or heavier than directed in the instructions.
  • Never use the TotalBoat Forklift Boat Lift to move a boat.
  • Do not use the TotalBoat Forklift Boat Lift for any operation other than as directed in the instructions.

Technical Information

<b>TotalBoat Forklift Boat Lift Features</b>

  • Heavy-duty, solid steel construction, including clamp attachment system and bow eye lifting tube.
  • Lift capacity of 5,000 pounds maximum (including the weight of fuel and equipment).
  • Made and tested in the USA to ensure the best quality.