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Product Details

Sea Hawk ColorKote is a copper-free, self-polishing antifouling paint. Protect your boat's hull from barnacles, algae, and other marine organisms with ColorKote's triple biocide formula. Econea, Zinc Omadine, and Copper Thiocyanate work together to provide reliable multi-year performance.

Originally formulated for aluminum boats (where cuprous oxide biocides cause galvanic corrosion), ColorKote is compatible with all hull types, including fiberglass, aluminum, and steel/iron hulls. This versatile bottom paint can be used in fresh, brackish, or salt water. Copolymer biocide formula prevents paint buildup. Haul and relaunch with no effect on performance, so you can paint in the fall. Low 330 grams per liter VOC content meets Californa requirements.

Offered in Quarts and Gallons in 6 vivid colors: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, and Black.

Tech Specs
Substrate Temperature Touch Dry Overcoating Time Launch
73°F (23°C)2 Hours5 Hours12 Hours
95°F (35°C)1 Hour3 Hours12 Hours
Info & Guides
Traditional bottom paints with copper biocides have muddy, flat colors. ColorKote is great for boaters concerned about aesthetics. For starters, you can mix any of its 6 bright colors for a custom appearance. The bright white color is perfect for center console owners who want to keep the pristine white hull appearance of their boats.

Technical Information

Product Features:

  • Triple Biocide Antifouling Power - Econea, Zinc Omadine, Copper Thiocyanate
  • Copolymer formula prevents coating buildup
  • Haul and relaunch for extended periods without compromising paint performance
  • California Air Quality Compliant VOC content