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Product Details

Sierra fluid extractors make changing oil, brake fluid, or antifreeze clean and easy. The extractor works by holding vacuum pressure to draw fluids out and into a large 8.8 Liter (2.3 Gallon) capacity container.

The SIE-52204 unit is also capable of dispensing these fluids. Simply move the bi-directional valve and this unit will create a vacuum or move the valve the other direction and it creates pressure to dispense the fluid.

A built-in shut-off valve to prevent overfilling. Either version comes complete with 5 feet of flexible hose and two rigid dipstick tubes.

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Technical Information

  • SIE-52204: Includes bi-directional valve and priming hand pump
  • SIE-52104: Requires separate air source to create vacuum. Shutoff valve holds vacuum pressure away from air source. No bi-directional valve