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As the industry's First USDA BioPreferred Certified liquid epoxy resin product, the Entropy High Bio-Based Laminating Epoxy system delivers it all—a high bio-renewable content, green epoxy resin with low sensitizing ingredients for increased user safety. Its relatively low viscosity and great adhesion to all substrates makes it an excellent composite laminating resin and it now features air release additives that allow for smooth brush-on coatings. This is the eco resin of choice for consumers.

Requires corresponding sized High Bio-Based Fast Hardener (ONF - fast cure rate) or High Bio-Based Slow Hardener (ONS - slow cure rate) for use (2:1 mix ratio. See chart below).

Tech Specs
High Bio-Based Laminating Epoxy Resin (ONE) & Hardener, Admixed High Bio-Based Fast Hardener (ONF) High Bio-Based Slow Hardener (ONS)
Color Amber Amber
Mix Ratio by Volume 2:1 (resin:hardener) 2:1 (resin:hardener)
Mix Ratio by Weight 100:43 (resin:hardener) 100:47 (resin:hardener)
Pot Life @ 77°F 18 minutes 43 minutes
Tack-Free Time @ 77°F 3 hours 8 hours
VOC Content 21.0 g/L (0.17 lbs/gal) 16.3 g/L (0.14 lbs/gal)
Biobased Carbon Content 30% 29%
Tensile Strength 7,720 psi 9,800 psi
Elongation 6% 6%
Flexural Strength 11,910 psi 14,580 psi
Compression Strength 11,300 psi 12,520 psi
Tg Ultimate 186LF 171LF
Hardness, Shore D 70-80 70-80
High Bio-Based Laminating Epoxy Resin (ONE) Quantity High Bio-Based Fast (ONF)/Slow (ONS) Hardener Quantity Mixed Quantity
1 qt. resin 16 oz. hardener 48 oz.
1/2 gallon resin1 qt. hardener 3 qt.
1 gallon resin 1/2 gallon hardener 1.5 gallons
5 gallons resin (exact fill weight is 4.734 gallons) 2.5 gallons hardener 7.5 gallons
Info & Guides

Why Use High Bio-Based Super Sap® Laminating Epoxy Resin?

Super Sap formulations, as opposed to traditional epoxies that are composed primarily of petroleum-based materials, contain renewable, biobased materials sourced as co-products or from the waste streams of other industrial processes, such as bio-fuels and wood pulp production. The benefits of these natural components are exceptionally high adhesion properties and excellent elongation.

Three Easy Ways to Measure High Bio-Based Epoxy Resin and Hardener

  • By Volume: 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener.
  • By Weight: Varies. Check Technical Data Sheets for specific ratio.
  • By Pumps: The calibrated Entropy Pump Set (sold separately) measures the exact 2:1 ratio by volume with no mess or guessing about correct measurements, so you get a proper cure every time. Pumps can be used with the 2:1 High Bio-Based Laminating Epoxy Resin (ONE), Clear Epoxy Resin (CLR), Optically Brightened Laminating Epoxy Resin (BRT), Compression Molding Epoxy Resin (CPM), and Clear Casting Epoxy Resin (CCR) systems.

Measuring & Mixing Notes: For best results, use a scale to measure the two components by weight (within 5% of the recommended mix ratio). Always mix product thoroughly for at least two minutes. To ensure complete mixing, scrape all surfaces of the container.

Technical Information

High Bio-Based Laminating Epoxy Resin (ONE) Features

  • Super Sap formulations contain bio-renewable materials
  • Natural components have excellent elongation
  • Exceptionally high adhesion properties
  • 50% minimum reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Green chemistry lowers harmful by products
  • Convenient 2:1 mixing ratio

Best Uses for High Bio-Based Laminating Epoxy Resin

  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Fiberglass composites
  • Fiberglass boat repair
  • Natural fiber composites
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Surfboards, handplanes, and SUPs (standup paddleboards)
  • Woodworking

Safety and Handling Information

Despite the natural derivation of Entropy resin products, exposure to these materials represents hazards typical of all epoxy resins. Exposure should be minimized and avoided through the use of proper personal protective clothing & equipment, and appropriate manufacturing controls. All persons who use, store, or transport these materials should understand proper handling precautions and recommendations, as stated in the SDS (safety data sheets).

Reviews for Entropy High Bio Based Laminating Epoxy Resin

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August 29, 2020

Good product
By Will Gatlin from Selah, WA

Verified Purchase

I'm using this product for two projects: cedar strip kayak and a teardrop camper. I've typically used west systems is the past. I developed a hypersensitive reaction to epoxy and tried the plant based epoxy in hopes that the reaction would be less severe. I still react, but not nearly as severe as with other epoxies. Being plant based, I like to think it is more environmentally friendly. It is important to understand that the epoxy is not totally clear. It instead leaves an amber color. I think it looks very nice, but it does look different than west systems. The epoxy cures very hard and binds very strong; no different than other epoxies as far as I can tell. Time will tell whether the epoxy holds up. I plan to keep using entropy unless these first products fall apart in a year or two, but I don't anticipate that happening.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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May 6, 2014

works well
By PK from Boston, MA

Verified Purchase

it worked well.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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