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Marinco 50A locking to 50A (125/250V) locking pigtail adapter for shore power connections. 50A 125V female connector is locking and sealing via Marinco's collar system and attaches to cordset or boat inlet. 50A 125/250V locking male plug connects to dockside receptacle or cordset. Cover and sealing collar make this adapter appropriate for use in wet locations.

Marinco's unique sealing collar system with cover joins the adapter to the cordset with a positive, mechanical connection which provides maximum moisture protection.

Info & Guides


Q: What is the difference between 50 amp 125 volt and 50 amp 125/250 volt?

A: The blade configurations are different. In other words, one system may not be used with the other.

50 amp 125 volt is a 3 wire system (1 hot wire, 1 neutral, 1 ground).

50 amp 125/250 volt is a 4 wire system (2 hot wires, 1 neutral, 1 ground).

Note: Each device has 3 blades. The 4 wire devices are grounded on the side.