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Moeller Marine Flanging Tools
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Moeller Marine Flanging Tool
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Moeller Marine Flanging Tools Customer Questions and Answers

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The instruction sheet, included with this tool, reads that one of the flangers has a taper and the other doesn't. The tool I received has two straight flangers. Has the tool design been changed??

Asked on 04/27/2016 by BARRY ANGEL

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Its been a while since I used the tool but as I remember it one end was flat and the other was curved (flanged). Also in flanging brass tube its important to first anneal the end to be flanged so that it doesn't split.

Answered on 04/27/2016 by JAMES CHAMBERS
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Barry, If you look closely at the end of the tool you will see a very small flange. It appears to be flat but it truly is not. That very small flare on BOTH sides is what curls the flange tube. I and several other people have used this tool with fantastic results. Super pleased with this expensive tool. Remember to leave an 1/8 inch to 3/16 or so extra on the tube length before flanging it. Good luck

Answered on 04/28/2016 by EDWARD BACHMAN
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