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Charging Times with Truecharge

Q: How long will the Truecharge battery charger take to charge up my bank of batteries?

Charging time will depend on the size of the Truecharge battery charger, the size of you battery and how deeply it is charged. The following equation gives an approximate charging time:

Charging time= (CAP × DOD)/ (CC × 80)


Charging Time     = Battery recharge time in hours

CAP      = Battery capacity in amp hours (Ah)

DOD      = Battery depth of discharge in %
                (A fully discharge battery has 100% DOD)

CC          = Charge current, the rated current output of the charger in amperes


The on battery is Group 27 size with a rated capacity of 82 Ah. It is 80% discharged (for example, DOD = 80). Approximate charging time with a Truecharge 20 will be:

(82 × 80)/(20 × 80)= 4 hours

The battery bank consists of two 8D batteries in parallel with a rated capacity of 200 amp hours each. The bank is 50% discharged (for example, DOD = 50). Approximate charging time with Truecharge 40 will be:

[(2 × 200) × 50]/(40 × 80) = 6.25 hours

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