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Hammerite Paints

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Hammerite Rust Cap Paint

Hammerite Rust Cap paint is a long-lasting quick dry enamel that allows you to paint over rust with no primer needed. Its rust encapsulating formula and rust-preventive coating are designed to provide long-lasting metal protection to both interior and exterior applications. It also provides a decorative finish that resists corrosion and the weather. Use this product in a variety of applications, including covering rust and painting lawn furniture, crafts, machinery, and metal wagons. Also ideal for iron, steel and most other metal surfaces.

  • Glassguard Protection
    As the Hammerite coating dries, millions of heat-hardened glass flakes interlock with special resins, forming a super-tough barrier that seals out moisture to prevent rusting.
  • Paint Right Over Rust
    This long-lasting coating is designed to be applied directly over firm, rusty surfaces. The unique paint-right-over-the-rust capability allows you to achieve a smooth, deep finish, rich in color.

Primer Hammerite Primer

Hammerite offers this acrylic latex primer that is formulated to bond to galvanized metal, aluminum, tin and other smooth metal surfaces. This primer was developed exclusively for use with Hammerite Rust Cap products and will be dry to the touch within 1-2 hours, you should allow 24 hours before applying a Hammerite finish coat.

Brush Cleaner and Thinner

Developed for use with Hammerite Rust Cap paint, use Hammerite's brush cleaner and thinner to clean all equipment and brushes soon after use.

High Heat Spray Enamel Hammerite High Heat Spray Enamel

This durable, high temperature, self-priming spray enamel will hold up to constant temperatures of 750 - 800°, and intermittent temperatures of up to 1200°. Use this product for projects such as barbeque grills, smoke stacks, fireplace tools, radiators, engines, lanterns or any item that gets exposed to high temperatures. Hammerite's high heat spray enamel will provide you with a matte black finish, with no priming needed.


What type of application tool can be used to apply the Hammerite Rust Cap paint?
A synthetic bristle brush, 1/4" mohair roller is recommended for flat surfaces. Brush irregular surfaces and do not overwork coating.

Can Hammerite Rust Cap paint be sprayed?

  • Airless Spray Gun:
    Pressure: 1800 - 2800 psi
    Tip Size: .017" - .021"
  • Conventional Pressure Pot:
    Pot Pressure: 15 - 20 psi
    Atomizing: 25 - 35 psi
    Tip Size: 70 - 80 thousandth

What surface preparation is needed?
Remove all loose rust, paint and mill scale, by scraping, sanding or wire brushing the substrate. Remove all dirt, oil, grease, salt contamination for ocean or street salt, and mildew, using an approved cleaner, fresh water and a commercial mildew remover. Rinse surface thoroughly and let dry before continuing. Smooth or hard, slick surfaces must be deglossed or abraded by sanding or grit blasting. A new or clean metal surface that is very smooth, glossy, or non-porous must be sanded with a minimum 80 grit sandpaper. Do Not use any rust converter, or any other acid or conversion type product to clean or prepare a rusted surface before applying a Hammerite coating. Hammerite Rust Cap PaintAluminum and galvanized surfaces require a prime coating of Hammerite Galvanized and Aluminum Primer.

How many coats should I apply
Apply two or more coats as needed to achieve the 4-mil dry film thickness required for maximum rust and substrate protection. For brush/roller method, all hammered coatings must be applied within 4 hours or after 14 days of drying. All smooth coatings must be applied within 4 hours or after 72 hours of drying.
For aerosol use, all hammered and smooth coatings must be applied within 1 hour or after 10 days of drying.

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