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SportsStuff Big Bertha TowableSportsStuff offers a variety of watersports and wintersports inflatable gear and accessories, including watersports towables, pools and snow tubes.

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  • Towables
  • Lounge & Leisure
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    Doables is a line by SportsStuff that consists of a variety of controllable towables. They are offered in single, double, triple, and multi-rider styles, as well as a booster ball. The Booster Ball is an inflatable buoy that helps to keep the tow rope out of the water a majority of the time while towing, this helps to enhance the overall performance of most towables and doables.


    SportsStuff Towable Kids Kooper SportsStuff offers a wide range of towable, inflatable productst to provide you with endless fun. Available in a variety of sizes, single, double, triple, and multi-rider styles, they offer popular products like the Wake Ryder, Stunt Flyer, Sportstube and many more...

    Lounge & Leisure

    They offer products for fishing and river tubing, lounges, and a line of trampolines and slide slopes.


    SportsStuff Hand PumpHow do I properly inflate SportsStuff products, what can I use?
    SportsStuff recommends an array of pumps to inlate their products, a watersport pump, compressor, shop vac, wet vac, vacuum with a 2-way switch, or a leaf blower. Sportsstuff also sells pumps that may be used to inflate their products.

    How often will I need to add air to my product?
    Periodically you may need to add air to your SportsStuff product, products that have extended use over a period of time may require air more frequently than those used less. Due to the expansion and contraction of the tubes in hot and cold environments the product can loose air over a period of days, therefore, it may be necessary to add air periodically to assure that the tubes will maintain their firmness. Always check the air level before use.

    What is the Speed Valve?
    The Speed Valve may also be known as the Boston Valve, and is the valve that hold the air in the tube. This part is a two-way valve and allows you to put air in a large hole or through the secondary valve which allows more control of the air going in the tube. To deflate, unscrew the whole valve.

    How do I tell if my product is properly inflated?
    SportsStuff Multi-Rider TowableYour product is properly inflated if the cover is wrinkle free and when the tubes are firm to the touch. If you were to pull the cover away from the tube it should readily snap back into place. You should always make sure the product is fully inflated before you begin use. You may need to check the inflation of the product over a period of time. If you are using a product repeatedly it may be necessary to add air throughout the day.

    How would I go about finding a leak in my product?
    To locate a leak in your product carefully look, listen, and feel. To Look: Many people use a cloth with mild liquid soap to carefully run over the area in suspect. With soap and a soft cloth you may notice some bubbles forming or water pooling around the hole. To Listen: You may also carefully place your ear near the area you suspect where the leaking is occurring and you will most likely hear a hissing sound. To Feel: You may carefully run your hand around the area that you suspect the tube is loosing air from and when you locate the hole you should be able to feel a current on your hand.

    How should a repair or puncture be repaired?
    SportsStuff PVC Repair It is recommended that SportsStuff products be repaired with SportsStuff PVC Repair adhesive. Carefully locate the air leak, clean the defective area and dry completely. For small holes, apply a drop or two of the adhesive to the hole, make sure the entire puncture is covered. Let dry for 1 to 2 hours. Check to make sure the adhesive is dry before using the inflatable again. For larger holes, you may need to apply more than a drop or two to cover the area, however it is recommended that you use the adhesive sparingly as it can soften the PVC material. Again, do not use the product until the adhesive is completely dry and be sure to test all repairs prior to use.

    Will the product be damaged if it is left in the sun for a period of time?
    Leaving the product in the sun for an extended period of time may be damaging to the product, so it is recommended that you store it in a cool and dry place when it is not in use.

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