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Installing the Trailer Drum Brake Flush Kit

trailer drum brake flush kit

Brake Bath Installation

  • Stop salt water corrosion of brake components.
  • Maintain efficiently operating brakes
  • Easy to install, Easy to use
  • Adaptable to all trailers

  1. Find a flat area on the back of the brake backing plate, off to the side of the axle centerline, left or right (see dashed line area in the drawing). The hole should be as far away from the axle as possible and still be on a flat area that will accommodate an 11/16" hole.
  2. Drill a pilot hole using a 1/4" drill bit.
  3. Enlarge the hole to 11/16".
  4. Attach the clear hose to the nozzle using a snap clamp.
  5. Insert the nozzle into the hole until it snaps into place.
  6. Repeat the drilling process in the other brake backing plates and insert the nozzles.
  7. Attach the tee and hose fittings as shown in the diagram.
  8. Secure the hose to the axle with the tie down straps.
  9. Mount the bracket to the trailer frame for the garden hose fitting.
  10. Attach a garden hose and wash out any metal shavings from the brake cavity.
drum brake backing plate diagram for possible drill locations drum brake flush line routing

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