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Festool Drills Interchangeable Chuck System

One Drill. Five Task-Specific Chucks.

Your router wouldn't be nearly as useful if it only came with one non-removable bit, would it? Well, we believe that our cordless drills are more useful and versatile because they incorporate a removable, interchangeable chuck system.

Currently, we offer five different chucks for our C-series and T-series cordless drills, three for our CXS-series cordless drills. But, there are already plans to introduce more chucks to continue to expand the functionality of our drills. You can literally switch between chucks in seconds, no tools required. Some chucks can even be combined to further broaden their capabilities.

Below, we will take a look at these five chucks in more detail, including how you can put them to use.

Festool Drill Chucks

Centrotec Chuck. (1)

For lighter weight and a more compact form factor, use the Centrotec chuck with its full array of interchangeable drill, driver bits and accessories. Using the Centrotec chuck saves approximately a half of a pound of weight when compared to a standard keyless chuck. Quickly change between bits by depressing the outer green ring. The Centrotec chuck comes standard with a magnetic bit holder that works well with standard 1/4-inch hex shank bits. This chuck is included with all Festool cordless drills.

Lightweight Centrotec Chuck

Keyless Drill Chuck. (2)

The keyless drill chuck can be used with drill and driver bits up to 1/2" in diameter in the T-series and C-series drills. The keyless chuck included with these cordless drills use a ratcheting action to ensure that bits do not slip or work themselves loose. Quickly change to the keyless chuck by depressing the green ring and connecting it to the drill. The CXS-series drills include a non-ratcheting keyless chuck which accepts up to 5/16" in diameter bits. The keyless drill chuck is included with all Festool cordless drills.

Keyless Drill Chuck

Right Angle Chuck. (3)

The right-angle chuck provides a 90° angle to the drill transmission for tight spaces. This chuck can swivel a full 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. It can also be combined with the Centrotec or Keyless Drill chucks for additional functionality. Or, just stick a 1/4" hex shank bit right into the right angle chuck itself. The right angle comes standard with the CXS-series cordless drills. It's also included when you purchase the C-series or T-Series cordless drills sets. Or can be purchased separately.

Right Angle Chuck

Eccentric Chuck. (4)

Well, this chuck may look a little odd, but it may be the solution for your application. Have you ever tried to drive a screw in the corner of a cabinet? That big keyless drill chuck gets in the way and may have caused damage to the adjoining surface. Well, not with the Eccentric Chuck. It's designed to get right up into the corners and prevent marring. This chuck accepts any 1/4" wire detent hex shank bit. Like the Right Angle Chuck, it can swivel a full 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. It's included when you purchase the C-series or T-Series cordless drills sets or can be purchased separately. Not available for CXS-series cordless drills.

Eccentric Chuck

Depth Stop Chuck. (5)

The Festool FastFix Depth Stop Chuck is designed for consistent, precise depth setting regardless of material density. Integrated clutch maintains depth of fastener placement independent of torque setting. Green quick-out ring backs out screws without affecting depth setting. Great for jobs where you want to make sure the screws are perfectly flush every time, including dry wall, decks, and cabinets. Getting it right the first time eliminates waste of material and fasteners and saves valuable time. The Depth Stop chuck is sold separately, not compatible with CXS-series drills.

Depth Stop Chuck

No Chuck. (6)

But wait, there's more! You can use any Festool cordless drill without any of the chucks attached. This makes the drill extremely compact for the tightest of spaces. Just stick any 1/4" hex shank bit into the end of the drill.

Chuck-less Operation

Watch Video of the CXS Cordless Drill

As you can see, Festool has transformed the cordless drills into a more functional tool with its innovative FastFix chuck system. The innovation doesn't stop there. Take a moment to check out some of the other ingenious technological advances in cordless drills from Festool, like our brushless motors.

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