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Quantum Anti-Skid Paint Additive How To

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Quantum Anti-Skid Paint Additive

Quantum Anti-Skid Paint Additive is a hard yet light, dry compound that creates a non-slip surface and resists high traffic on deck. Mix it with Quantum99 Polyurethane Topcoat or QuantumUV Clear Urethane Varnish. This product is available in fine grain and coarse grain.

Mixing and Application

Application of a tack coat is recommended before Quantum Anti-Skid Paint Additive is added to mixed paint and applied.

To 1 mixed gallon of Quantum99 Series Topcoat, stir in 0.5 lbs. (225g, ~1 pint) Fine or Coarse grain Quantum Anti-Skid Paint Additive. Mix until uniform. Apply 1-2 coats until desired coverage and texture is achieved. Topcoat can be accelerated with Quantum99 Urethane Accelerator for faster cure. See Quantum99 Topcoat How To guide for detailed mixing and application instructions.

Use air atomized spray equipment recommended for the Quantum99 Series Topcoats. Fluid tip must be 0.070" (1.8mm) or greater. Do not use airless or air assisted airless spray equipment. Maintain constant agitation during application to avoid excessive separation.

The dry beads may also be broadcast into wet/tacky paint films. See Quantum99 Topcoat How To guide and QuantumUV Varnish How To guide for complete application details. Do not apply paint materials to surfaces warmer than 105°F, or colder than 55°F. Do not attempt to cure products at temperatures below 55°F.

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