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AC Source Management with Source Selector Panels

technical article from Blue Sea Systems

Frequently a boatowner will decide to install an AC appliance with amperage demands that added to existing AC loads would overload the boats existing 30 ampere AC circuit. The solution to this problem is often to add another shore power inlet to power a separate AC circuit on the boat. These independent AC circuits are often referred to as AC Load Groups. Often it is difficult for the boatowner to figure out how to power loads on the new Load Group from non-Shore Power sources of AC power such as generators and inverters. The accompanying diagram illustrates how two Blue Sea Systems' 8032 Source Selector Panels can be utilized to solve this problem.

With this schematic the boatowner can either operate the two Load Groups as independent AC circuits or he or she can switch on the Transfer circuit breaker and connect the two Load Groups into one. This allows the boat's generator or inverter to operate any AC load on the boat.

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Original article from Blue Sea Systems

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