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Selecting the Appropriate Fuse Rating When Installing the 120A SI ACR

technical article from Blue Sea Systems

When installing Blue Sea Systems 120A SI ACR, PN 7610, use this chart to select the appropriate wire size and fuse rating.

Fuses installed between ACR terminals A and B, and each battery positive are to prevent a hazard if there is damage to the wires from the batteries to the ACR. Therefore, the fuses should be placed as close as possible to the batteries so that most of the wire is protected.

Since these fuses connect directly to batteries, choose fuse types that have sufficient AIC for your battery bank. ANL fuses 100A—PN 5125, 150A—PN 5127, and Terminal Fuses 100A—PN 5183, and 150A—PN 5185 are ideal for this application. (Terminal Fuses are available in September.)

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