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Shaping King Starboard

Forming StarBoard
How To Bend Thicker King StarBoard

Tools: Table Saw, Heat Gun, Scuff Shims, Clamps, Gloves, Protective Glasses.

Cuts are made in the StarBoard to facilitate bending. The StarBoard used here is 1" thick. After cutting, the StarBoard is treated with a heat gun to add permanence to the new shape.

Grooves should be cut to a depth of 3/4".

Cuts can be 1/4" in width with 1/4" spaces in between. For a 90 degree radius a grouping of cuts 51/2" wide is needed.The width of the cut grouping is relative to the width of the board and the angle of the shape needed. Estimate the width you need as you go by undercutting and testing the shape with your hands.

Scuff shims can be made from drops and inserted under the clamps to avoid damaging the surface. Heat gun works best at 600 degrees +.

Use slow steady strokes. To much heat will cause scorching and untextured streaks. Clamp both ends when finished and allow to cool.


Download (pdf format):
Working with King Starboard

To learn more on Starboard visit www.kingstarboard.com

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