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Choosing the Right Paint Roller Cover

Choosing the Right Paint Roller Cover

Paint roller covers vary in their composition, density, nap, and application. Foam roller covers are best for applying gloss or semi gloss paints and leave no lint or stipple behind. Water and solvent based adhesive and epoxies work better with synthetic rollers with a short 1/8 inch nap and a smooth surface. Polyurethane foam roller covers work well with paint, varnish and epoxy.

Marine Paint Rollers

Type For use with:
Smooth Top Coats & Bottom Paints.
Semi-Smooth Medium Nap Bottom Paints, epoxies, varnishes, urethanes.
Rough, Long Nap Flat Paints
Super-Doo, medium nap General use - Paints, enamels, stains, primers.
Texture Roller Cover Fiberglass



Enamels, varnishes, urethanes.
The Applicator Water and solvent based adhesives and epoxies.
Black Foam For all smooth surfaces for the application of enamel latex stain oil paints and varnish but NOT for shellac or lacquer.
Yellow Foam Gloss or semi gloss coatings.
Whizz Rollers Traditional varnishes, urethanes and lower viscosity enamels.


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