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Interlux Boat Finish Care

Interlux Boat Painting Guide:
Complete Boat Care Range

Introducing the Interlux Boatcare range of products

Each product in the Interlux Boatcare range is designed to both beautify and protect your boat and have been formulated with ease of use in mind, These products can be used either on their own or in combination with others. By following this simple 3-step multipurpose boatcare system you can care for your boat in the least amount of time! All Interlux boatcare products are safe for painted, fiberglass, wood and metal surfaces. Protect wood, metal, and fiberglass for years after painting or refinishing with the right Interlux oil, polish, or wax!

3 Step Multipurpose Boatcare

All the products in this boat care range can be used individually or in combination with others, and have been specially designed with ease of use in mind. This complete range provides everything you need for in-season maintenance.

By following this simple 3 step guide you can clean, restore, polish and protect your boat in the least amount of time and achieve results that shine!

1: Cleaning

All-Purpose Boat Soap

  • Universal cleaner
  • Can be used on all painted surfaces, fiberglass, wood & metal
  • Does not remove wax
  • Can be used with salt water
  • Convenient to use anywhere

  • 2: Preparation and Restoration

    Heavy Duty Stain Remover

  • High strength formula
  • Quickly and easily removes stains and yellowing (eg. light rusting)
  • Removes stains & yellowing
  • Reactive gel formula
  • No need to scrub surfaces,avoids scratching
  • Light Duty Rubbing Compound

  • Removes light scratches, minor oxidation and restores gloss to topsides
  • Will not dry out or chalk during application, for a long working time

  • 3: Polishing & Protection

    Advanced 2 step polish & wax

  • Premium Marine Wax with Cleaner
  • Superior polishing wax
  • Gives brilliant gloss finish and protection against sun, water, salt, dirt, grease and oil
  • Will not dry out or chalk during application, for a long working time
  • UV Protectant & Wax Sealer
  • Thin film wax technology
  • Gives ultimate wax protection from only a thin coating
  • Reactive formula, hardens with time giving a tough long lasting coating

  • 2 Step Woodcare

  • Enjoy the beauty of natural teak with this simple 2-step woodcare system.
  • Clean, restore and protect your deck, hand and toe rails, cockpit gratings etc. with minimum effort.

  • 1: Restoration

    Premium Teak Restorer

  • Cleans and restores
  • Brings back the natural color of Teak and other hardwoods
  • Water-based formula, no heavy rinse required

  • 2: Protection

    Premium Teak Oil

  • Blended formula of linseed, tung and fish oils
  • Traditional Scandinavian formula for ultimate protection against the elements
  • Unique formula penetrates even damp wood, no need to dry out before applying

  • Complete Boatcare Maintenance Guide

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