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Epiglass Epoxy Product Selection

Common Uses of Epiglass Epoxy System

HT9000 Epiglass Resin Mix

  • High strength and durability is suitable for sheathing, laminating, filling, fairing and gluing
  • Low viscosity formula for ease of mixing and wet out
  • Good compatibility with a wide range of laminates and cloth types
  • Range of curing agents adapted to different climates application environments, with simple 4:1 mix ratio, good flexibility
  • Solvent free, phenol free, and low odor, for a safer, cleaner working environment
  • Good water barrier properties, can be used above and below the waterline USES: sheathing, laminating
  • Great for:

  • Sealing Fiberglass
  • Laminating
  • Sheathing
  • Filling & Filleting
  • Bonding Wood
  • Fairing (filling above water)
  • Fairing (filling below water)
  • HT120 Glue Blend

  • Epiglass HT120 Glue Blend is a combination of lightweight powders pre-mixed to produce high strength glue when mixed with Epiglass® HT9000 Resin and Hardener.
  • Displays easy sanding characteristics plus some degree of filling properties.
  • Increasing may alter the viscosity of the glue mix or decreasing the volume of Epiglass HT120 added.
  • Eeasily mixed into the resin/hardener combination but should be well dispersed to avoid dry lumps of un-dispersed powder that can reduce the strength of glue lines
  • Great for:

  • Filling & Filleting
  • Bonding Wood
  • HT450 Filler Blend

  • Creates a lightweight, low-density filling and fairing compound suitable for use above and below the waterline when mixed with Epiglass HT9000 Resin and Hardener.
  • Great for:

  • Fillet bonding
  • Filling & Fairing
  • Coving work
  • HT450 Fairing Filler

  • Produces a white easy to sand and shape mixture.
  • Great for:

  • Fairing (filling above water)
  • Fairing (filling below water)

  • Type of mix required by volume
    Epiglass® Resin Mix
    YesHT120 Glue Blend
    HT450 Filler Blend
    Low viscosity glue mix
    High viscosity glue mix/fillet mix
    Filling or fairing

    Note: The above chart is parts by volume of additive to mixed resin & hardener. Volume can be altered to suit a particular job.

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