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Interlux Topside Paint Selector

The Perfect Paint For Your Project
Topsides, Decks, Bilges and Cabins

The Interlux range of highest quality paint finishes gives the boater the freedom and choice to do their boats justice. The fully integrated range means that products can be mixed to achieve where desired ranges of colors, matt finishes and non-slip surfaces to ensure that each area of your boat has the best possible appearance and performance.

Solution Choices:

High Performance Two-Pack


Specially formulated to enable both professional and amateur users alike to achieve the best quality results with ease on topsides, superstructure and decks.

Premium One-Pack


Toplac is a premium high gloss, long lasting marine enamel for all areas above the waterline. It is extremely easy to apply with excellent gloss and color retention - up to 3 times longer than conventional paints. Toplac is available in a wide range of colors.

Polyurethane One-Pack


International's polyurethane yacht finish containing the unbeatable strength and durability of Teflon® - resulting in an extremely tough but beautiful high gloss finish that is easy to clean.

Conventional One-Pack

Matting Additive

A clear solution specially formulated for mixing with International one pack finishes and varnishes to produce a variety of gloss, satin or matt effect finishes. For interior or exterior use.


An excellent, easy to apply slip-resistant finish for decks. Interdeck contains a fine aggregate that will apply easily on all substrates. Interdeck gives a low sheen finish that helps protect against dazzle from sunlight reflected off decks.



Pre-Kote is an undercoat for one pack finishes such as Toplac, Brightside® and Interlux® Super. Pre-Kote offers excellent obliteration which in turn, allows for easy colour changing. Pre-Kote is easy to apply and rub down, providing a smooth base for the finishing coat. It is available in a range of colours to complement the topcoat.

Perfection Undercoat

A two-pack, high performance undercoat for use under Perfection® finish. Perfection® Undercoat has excellent obliteration characteristics. Use with Perfection finish for a long lasting scheme.

Professional Series Finishes

Interspray 900 Matting Coat

Interspray® 900 Matting Coat is a 2-component polyurethane product used for matting down (reducing the gloss) of high performance finishes such as Interspray® 900 and Perfection® Varnish.

Polyurethane Basecoat

Polyurethane Basecoat provides a smooth, sandable finish that makes it ideal as a base for International's professional finishes. The product has a long and successful track record and is technically approved for use in all of International's recommended schemes for topsides and superstructures.

Common Problems

Solution Choices






Can I achieve a high-gloss, professional looking, topside finish with this paint?
YES YES YES n/a n/a
I have lots of sunlight beating down on my boat. What topside paints offer the best UV protection?
Excellent Good Good Better than average Average
I want an easy to apply topside paint.
Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
I do not want a high gloss finish in my cabin areas. Can I get a satin, or semi-gloss finish with your products?
YES (with Flattening Agent YZM914) YES (with Flattening Agent YMA715) YES (with Flattening Agent YMA715)    
What paint should I use for a non-skid deck?
Excellent (with Intergrip No-Skid Compounds) Good (with Intergrip No-Skid Compounds) Very Good (with Intergrip No-Skid Compounds) Excellent n/a
Which is the best paint for my mast? (Aluminum and Wood).
Excellent Good Very Good n/a n/a
When painting my cabin, which paint will give me the best alcohol and chemical resistance?
Excellent Very Good Very Good n/a n/a
Which product should I use to paint my bilge?
n/a Very Good Very Good n/a Excellent
Can I use this product over an existing topside one-part finish?
My boat gets lots of abuse and abrasion. Which topside products offer the best protection?
Excellent Good Very Good Very Good  
What paint should I use for waterline or boottop striping?
Good Very Good Excellent n/a n/a


Good Very Good Excellent n/a n/a

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