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Tips on Applying Perfection

Some Final Tips on Applying Perfection Polyurethane

Two Part High Performance System

The air and substrate temperature will affect the time you have to work with the paint, but as a rough guide for polyurethanes, you will have about 4 hours in hot weather (above 86 deg. F 32 deg. C) and up to eight hours in cooler conditions (around 50 deg F 10 deg. C ). Ideally the temperature should be around 60 deg. - 80deg. F (15 deg.- 27 deg.C) with low humidity.

Once mixed, Perfection Polyurethane begins to cure and harden. After mixing you should leave the paint to stand for 10 minutes, to allow the bubbles generated by mixing to disperse. Apply by any of the painting methods described on the previous page. Once topcoat painting is complete, it should be kept dry for at least 24 hours as high humidity will result in under-curing and loss of gloss.

10 days should be allowed for full curing to take place. Only after that time will the paint achieve its maximum resistance to abrasion. Particular care should be taken not to lift a yacht in slings before the paint has fully cured.

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