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Interlux Safety FAQ

Question: Where can I get MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and PDS (Product Data Sheet) information for Interlux products?

Answer: MSDS and PDS information is available for download at yachtpaint.com in the product guide. Just go to the product page you are interested in and follow the links on the page. If the product or datasheet cannot be found on yachtpaint.com please call our experts toll-free on 1-800 468 7589 who will be happy to advise you. Alternatively you can use the datasheet finder application to search for datasheets.

Question: Should I read all label Instructions?

Answer: YES! Our label system has been designed in a format to offer clear and precise instructions. Reading all the instructions, including the Health and Safety, before using the product will save you time in the long run.

Question: When should I wear an air fed hood or respirator?

Answer: Any time you are working with paints and solvents in a badly ventilated area. Solvent fumes are heavier than air and breathing these fumes can make you dizzy, feel drunk and headachy and could even result in collapse. Always read the label and wear the recommended personal protective equipment.

Question:How do I know what health and safety precautions to take when using a particular product?

Answer: Always read the label and the product data sheet for the relevant products before commencing work this will give you particular health and safety information for that product.

Question:Why are some paints not recommended to be spray applied?

Answer:Some paints such as two part polyurethanes contain components which, when the paint is sprayed, become atomized to a level that they may pose a serious health risk unless the proper safety gear and or specialized spray booths, that the average person does not have access to are used.

Question:If I spill some of this paint on myself is it going to lead to a serious problem?

Answer: Most warnings are worse case scenarios. Everyone reacts differently to chemicals and it is impossible to state exactly what any one paint may do to any one person. Obviously people using products on a more regular basis face higher risks. At all times however assume the worst may happen and wear suitable safety gear.

Question:How long will a paper face dust mask last before I should change it?

Answer: Rule of thumb is that you should change a paper face-mask at least after one working day (8 hour shift) when working in dusty conditions. For home users this may be a different situation, but once you can see any discoloration of the mask, discard and change and if in doubt discard and change as they are of such low cost. In all cases refer to the supplier of the masks for exact details.

Question: I left a can of paint in my car for a week in summer and was told this was dangerous is that true?

Answer: The risk of fire or explosion is a very real factor with any paint product. Paint should always be stored in a well-ventilated, dry place away from sources of heat and direct sunlight.

Question: What else can cause fire or explosion?

1. Do not smoke where paint is being used or stored

2. Keep the lid tightly closed in storage as the organic solvents evaporate into the air which can then easily ignite by cigarettes, sparks, etc

3. Avoid naked flames where paint is being stored, opened or applied

4. Avoid sparks from metals, mobile phones, electrical appliances being switched on or off, or faulty electrical connections

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