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Using Epiglass Epoxy System

Epiglass Epoxy Product Selection


HT9000 Epiglass Resin Mix

- High strength and durability is suitable for sheathing, laminating, filling, fairing and gluing

- Low viscosity formula for ease of mixing and wet out

- Good compatibility with a wide range of laminates and cloth types

- Range of curing agents adapted to different climates application environments, with simple 4:1 mix ratio, good flexibility

- Solvent free, phenol free, and low odor, for a safer, cleaner working environment

- Good water barrier properties, can be used above and below the waterline USES: sheathing, laminating

Great for: Sealing Fiberglass, Laminating, Sheathing, Filling & Filleting, Bonding Wood, Fairing (filling above water), Fairing (filling below water)

HT120 Glue Blend

- Epiglass HT120 Glue Blend is a combination of lightweight powders pre-mixed to produce high strength glue when mixed with Epiglass® HT9000 Resin and Hardener. Due to its unique formulation Epiglass HT120 displays easy sanding characteristics plus some degree of filling properties. Increasing may alter the viscosity of the glue mix or decreasing the volume of Epiglass HT120 added

- Epiglass HT120 is easily mixed into the resin/hardener combination but should be well dispersed to avoid dry lumps of un-dispersed powder that can reduce the strength of glue lines

Great for: Filling & Filleting and Bonding Wood

HT450 Filler Blend

-Epiglass HT450 Filler Blend is formulated to create a lightweight, low-density filling and fairing compound suitable for use above and below the waterline when mixed with Epiglass HT9000 Resin and Hardener. Such mixtures are ideal for use as fillet bonding, filling and fairing and coving work

- Epiglass HT450 Fairing Filler produces a white easy to sand and shape mixture

Great for: Fairing (filling above water), Fairing (filling below water)

Type of mix required by volume HT9000
Epiglass® Resin Mix
HT120 Glue Blend HT450 Filler Blend
Low viscosity glue mix 1 0.75  
High viscosity glue mix/fillet mix 1 1.5  
Filling or fairing 1   3

Note: The above chart is parts by volume of additive to mixed resin & hardener. Volume can be altered to suit a particular job.


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