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Largest wood/epoxy ship launched - West System

Courtesy of The Jubilee Sailing Trust

Tallship Tenacious on barge ready for launch

We've followed the progress of the Jubilee Sailing Trust ship since construction began in the summer of 1998 in Southampton, England. The ship was launched in February and given the name-TENACIOUS.

Load Out was carried out on February 3, 2000, after a great deal of preplanning and design work. A 250' x 78' barge was butted up against the quay wall and the 690-ton TENACIOUS was moved from Jubilee yard onto it. Once safely on the barge and securely fixed, it was towed to Empress Dock (left photo).

At 3:00 A.M. on February 4th, the barge was effectively sunk to allow TENACIOUS to glide into the water. Towards high tide, she floated free of her cradle and was towed across the River Itchen to Vosper Thorneycroft for stepping of the masts and final fitting out (bottom photo).

The official naming ceremony was held on April 6. TENACIOUS is scheduled to sail her maiden voyage June 22, 2000.

tallship Tenacious aerial view dockside with masts rigged.

TENACIOUS is a three masted barque. She is 213' long including the bowsprit and is the world's largest wood/epoxy tall ship. All voyage crew will be involved in handling her 21 sails under the guidance of the professional crew.

When not under sail, TENACIOUS has two powerful engines that are controlled from the bridge and chartroom, which is fully equipped with modern navigational aids. TENACIOUS also has three generators, ensuring a constant supply of electricity to heat the accommodations and supply hot water for the showers.

In addition to the sleeping areas below deck, there is a saloon with a licensed bar and the lower mess where the crew will be able to enjoy three meals a day prepared in the galley by the ship's cook.

Epoxyworks 15 / Spring 2000

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