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Large scale event sculpture - West System

Keith Tucker creates sculptures on a large scale. Most of his pieces are created for corporate events and the theater. Tucker glues together large blocks of 2 lb weight polystyrene. Tucker says it's quite dense and retains detail well.

A 5' tall replica of the Lincoln Memorial sculpted for the Opryland Hotel.One of the Ramses sculptures in progress.

"I first do a number of drawings from all angles for the piece that will be sculpted. I always work through subtractive sculpting-starting with blocks and removing the material," says Tucker. "It's far less forgiving and if you make a mistake you're usually stuck with it, or you have to alter the piece accordingly. But, I enjoy the challenge of that approach versus building up material. And, due to the cost and time constraints, it works great."

14' Madonna and Child sculpted for the opening of a musical at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.Finished version of the Ramse sculpture, designed and created for the Nashville Cares Event "Artrageous".

Tucker uses WEST SYSTEM® 105 Resin with 206 Slow Hardener, adding 406 Silica for the foam coating. He applies several coats, and after the epoxy has cured, he sands down the pieces and applies a paint finish.

Tucker says he is now starting to incorporate fiberglass into his pieces as well. See more of Keith Tucker's work at www.keithtuckerart.com.

An elephant in progress

1. From glued together blocks2. To a rough shape3. To a detailed shape4. To a finished painted elephant.

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