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Tips for using Life-Calk and Boatlife Release

  • To speed cure time, spray a little water onto one-part LIFE-CALK®

  • To clean up tools, equipment and uncured LIFE-CALK® use LIFE-CALK® SOLVENT AND CLEANER or Boatlife RELEASE®

  • Push the caulking gun, do not pull it.

  • In cold areas, warm tubes and cartridges before use.

  • Fill in small cracks with LIQUID LIFE-CALK® .

  • Use LIFE-CALK® PRIMER if there is any question about whether or not wood is oily (except with LIFE-CALK® 2-part type P). Remove cured sealants with RELEASE® by spraying edge of sealant. Work bonded area between surface and sealant with a scraping tool and RELEASE® until sealant is weakened.

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