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Nut Types Explained

JD Dictionary
Coupling NutFasten two male threads together.
Cap NutAlso known as Acorn Nuts. Cap nuts are finishing nuts that cover the end of the screw or bolt. Decorative finish work.
Tee NutTee nuts are designed to make it easy to add screw threads to wood assemblies. Tee Nuts have teeth that secure and lock them into the wood surface.
Castle NutThe ultimate in lock nuts. Castle nuts have passage ways machined into the head for cotter pins.
Hex NutA nut that is used to tighten material down to a bolt or machine screw.
Lock NutAlso known as an "aircraft nut or nylok nut" It has a nylon insert which locks onto threads and prevents the nut from working loose.
Jam NutLow profile hex nut. Used when putting two nuts together or in tight quarters.
Wing NutA nut that can be easily tightened and loosened by hand. For light duty assemblies that must be taken apart without tools.

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