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Golight Searchlights

Golight Search & Spot Lights


For over 15 years, Golight has been a trusted name in the marine lighting industry. Their auxiliary lighting is specifically designed and tested to perform in challenging marine environments. Golight handheld and remote controlled lighting make sure you are not left in the dark.

Powerful, Versatile, And Durable Marine Lighting

Power is the first priority in lighting; Golight searchlights offer the newest bulb and reflective technologies, providing you with brighter and more powerful light sources. The technology used in each light produces a virtually perfect beam able to reach up to one half mile, eliminating dark spots and increasing visibility.

Golight engineers design searhlightds that can be adapted to any real-world situation. Their patented designs allow for thousands of uses and application. This includes an array of mounting styles including permanent mount, temporary mount or portable hand held use.

Lights combine 370 degree rotation with 135 degree tilt, so their beam is able to reach even the most extreme angles, providing you with maximum illumination coverage. Permanent and temporary mount searchlights are available with three remote control options, allowing you to control them from just about anywhere on your boat.

Durability is just as important as illumination when it comes lighting being exposed to sunlight, rain, saltwater, sand, heat and cold. Golight searchlights are UV and saltwater resistant, and constructed with an impact resistant casing for protection against cracking, warping and discoloration. Lights' vital electrical parts are sealed from rain, snow and dirt exposure, ensuring your Golight is ready for any storm you may face when out on the water.

Golight Searchlights & Spotlights

Searchlight Models & Features

Standard Golight & Radioray

  • Available for permanent mount, temporary mount or portable use
  • Three styles of remote control operation offered
  • 370 degree rotation x 135 degree tilt
  • UV ray, saltwater resistant and weatherproof
  • 3 year limited waranty

    Golight Stryker Light

  • Easy, two step permanent mount installation
  • Available with wireless hand-held and/or wireless dash mount remote
  • 370 degree rotation x 135 degree tilt, operated by 12C DC high-torque motor
  • UV ray, saltwater resistant and weatherproof
  • 5 year limited warranty

    Golight Profiler II Light

  • Designed to meet military specifications
  • Hand-held use with two-position swivel handle
  • 60 minute searchlight run-time
  • 50+ hour convenience light run-time
  • Recharges in just 2 hours
  • Constructed with carbon fiber reinforced housing, pressure cast aircraft aluminum reflector and rubber lens surround for maximum durability
  • 1 year limited warranty

    Golight Lighting Technology

    Golight Advanced Lighting Technologies capture, direct and project a large span of light that is able to reach up to one half mile. This provides you with fewer dark spots and more visibility.

    CR5 Pentabeam & Pentabeam II Lighting

    Golight standard, Radioray and Stryker series searchlights employ CR5 Pentabeam or CR5 Pentabeam II technology. Pentabeam combines a five sided parabolic reflector with axial filament Phillips bulb to create a virtually perfect beam of light able to illuminate over a broad spectrum. The difference between standard Pentabeam and Pentabeam II technologies is the lux factor.

    Light with CR5 Pentabeam technology feature a 10 lux factor at 574 ft. while lighting with CR5 Pentabeam II offers 11 lux at the same distance. Standard Golight Searchlights and Radioray models feature CR5 Pentabeam technology, while the newer Styker searchlight models operate using CR5 Pentabeam II.

    NXT BlueFusion Illumination

    NXT BlueFusion technology combines a parabolic reflector with H-7 axial filament bulb to create a beam of light with an illumination capability of 17 lux at 574 feet. Only Golight Profiler II Rechargable Searchlights operate using this advanced technology.

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