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Optronics Lighting

Optronics lighting

Through constant new product development, Optronics, Inc. has become one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of recreational, industrial, and vehicular lighting products and accessories in the world.

Optronics Trailer Light Kit

Optronics offers a variety of vehicular lighting for truck and trailers, ATV/UTV, fog and driving lights, RV lighting, trailer light kits and various 12-volt accessories. As well as recreational products including: spotlights, headlamps, blacklights, marine compasses, docking lights, decorative lighting and a variety of both submersible and floating fishing lights including the popular NightBlaster.

LED Technology

Many of Optronics lights feature the new state of the art, energy saving LED Micro-Flex technology, which offers a unique design with no bulbs to replace. These high power LED lights use 90% less energy than other incandescent lights. Apart from LED lighting, Optronics also offers a variety of fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lighting options.

Optronics Vehicular Lighting

Optronics Truck and Trailer Light DisplayTruck & Trailer Lighting
Optronics offers a variety of truck and trailer lighting, including: marker and clearance lights, stop lights, turn lights, tail lights and trailer light kits all available in either standard incandescent bulbs or with state of the art LED technology. They also manufacturer utility, interior, and license lights, reflectors, and utility and tractor lights.

ATV/UTV Lights
Optronics NightBlaster Spotlight AT-1500Part of the NightBlaster series Optronics offers numerous styles of ATV spotlights designed for rugged outdoor use, from the 100,000 cp. AT-1000, to a 2,000,000 cp. multiple adjustment UT-2000 and the Xenon powered AT-3100. Each of these powerful ATV spotlights is designed with multiple power options and a universal mounting so you can easily find a light to meet your ATV/UTV need and application.

Fog and Driving Lights
Optronics offers 4 series of both off-road and auxiliary lights. ProSeries Quartz Halogen Off-Road Lights and ProSeries Auxiliary Lights which come with complete wiring harness and illuminated switch. The Off-Road Burners Series Quartz Halogen Lights, available in either off-road or auxiliary style, featuring innovation and style and available in numerous lens colors. The Ultima Series High Performance Quartz Halogen Auxiliary Lights are constructed from a heavy-duty die cast, can be installed in just minutes and feature a pre-assembled OEM style wiring harness. The Competition Series Quartz Halogen Auxiliary Lights feature an illuminated switch, complete wiring harness and a contemporary styling.

12-Volt Accessories Optronics also offers a variety of accessories to suit your 12-volt batteries including:single, dual, and triple outlets, battery clips, adapters, power plugs, wiring harnesses and portable battery packs.

Recreational Products

Optronics Spotlight Optronics offers a variety of spotlights including remote controlled, rechargeable, 12-volt, hand held spotlights, and the popular NightBlaster as well as the BlueEye Beam Series which eliminates reflective glare and protects against night blindness. These Optronics Spotlights are perfect for camping excursions, marine use and emergencies.

A variety of LED headlamps are offered by Optronics including, combination headlamps which combine the power of both LED power lights, as well as either a krypton or halogen bulb. The LED Mini Clip-On lights feature 3 red or white LED lights. At only 1" diameter these lights can conveniently be clipped onto the provided adjustable strap or virtually any other material, cap visor, seat belt, hat brim etc. and easily stashed into pockets and purses. Optronics also offers the LED Headlamp that is sought after by sportsman, with LED's that last for 100,000 hours and battery life up to 300 hours, which these headlamps operating costs are drastically reduced and the need to pack replacement batteries is virtually eliminated.

Optronics Marine Compass CP-150 The Blackeye Beams Blacklights enable the fisherman to see his fishing line and lures even in the darkest of nights. The blacklight is able to illuminate fluorescent fishing line to allow you to see strikes before you feel them, also helpful to untangle snags and tie lures on. The Submersible Fish-N-Lites offered feature a powerful quartz halogen light that puts out 300,000 cp and come in both freshwater and saltwater models. Optronics also offers three models of floating fishing lights, which are the most popular floating fishing lights in the market today.

FirePod Extreme Outdoor Gear
FirePod Extreme Outdoor Gear includes shoe dryers, glove and mitten adapters, and a portable shoe dryer all designed to take your cold and wet shoes, gloves and mittens to warm and dry overnight.

Marine Compasses
Optronics Marine Compass CP-150 Marine Compasses by Optronics Inc. are all available in northern and southern hemisphere models. They offer a compact low profile compass, and also a variety of different styles with different mounting options including: bracket, adhesive or suction mount.

Docking Lights
Optronics offers docking floodlights and a variety of docking lights kits to suit your needs.

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