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Autotether Wireless Lanyards


The Autotether is a wireless engine kill switch system for your boat, designed to keep boat operators and passengers safe out on the water without restricting movement.

Autotether Wireless Kill Switch Lanyard

Unrestricted Movement: The Autotether Advantage

Kill switches that stop the boat's engine in an emergency are not a recent innovation in the boating safety equipment industry, but the Autotether is because it's wireless.

Many boaters won't use the standard red lanyard kill switch system because it restricts their mobility. If the boat operator were to move too far away from the helm, or stumble and fall a wired engine kill switch system would activate.

Completely wireless Autotether systems eliminate this possibility. There is no need to worry about restricted movement or tangled up lanyards. Another drawback to conventional wired kill switches is that they are typically connected only to the boat operator and not passengers. The Autotether is designed to protect not only the operator but up to three passengers as well.

Emergency stop lanyards are now required by law in several states. Neglecting to wear one can not only land a boat operator and his/her passengers in a potentially dangerous situation, but it could be breaking the law.

Autother systems are portable. You can bring to the beach to help protect children. If a child wearing an Autotether wireless transmitter wanders into the water, or more than 100 feet away from the receiver, the alarm will sound.

How The Autotether Works:

Each lanyard system consists of one receiver and one or more wireless transmitters that are all powered by standard AAA batteries. The receiver connects directly to the boat engine kill switch and transmitters send radio waves to it.

Radio waves do not travel through water so if someone wearing an Autotether sensor were to fall overboard, the signal would be broken and an alarm would sound while the boat's engine immediately shut off.

Passenger sensors work slightly differently. If a passenger wearing one of the transmitters were to fall overboard the engine would remain running but an alarm would sound, alerting the boat operator of danger. The sensor will not sound unless the unit is submersed in at least 8 gallons of water. So, there is no risk of it accidentally activating from backsplash or spray.

The Autotether system also works on distance. The sensors are able to transmit to the receiver from up to 150 feet away. If the sensor travels any further from the receiver the alarm will sound, which is ideal for use with children at the beach, or other crowded places. You can also place a transmitter in your boat dinghy. That way, if the dinghy breaks loose and drifts too far away the alarm will sound, alerting you to go back for it.

The alarm can also be manually activated using a red button switch found on each transmitter. If the boat operator or passenger spots possible danger he/she can push the button to sound the alarm, alerting others on board of the potential threat.

Autotether Installation: No Tools Required

No tools are necessary to install! The wireless lanyard receiver clips right on to the boat ignition kill switch and can be easily mounted to the dashboard using 3M advanced dual lock strips included with purchase.
The sensor can be strapped on to a belt loop or life preserver but also works when placed in your pant or jacket pocket as well.
Clips to ignition
Connects easily to ignition kill switch.

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