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Maptech Charts


Maptech nautical charts

Maptech Marine Charts

Even with all the high-tech navigation electronics on the market today, all smart boaters carry paper charts as a primary source or simply as a back-up to their electronics. Maptech makes award-winning maps and charts for land, water, and in-air navigation in both CD-ROM and paper formats.

Maptech charts come in over 100 "flip-fold", accordion style waterproof books and charts covering all your favorite fishing and boating areas, Maptech electronic charts are exact replicas of government-issued charts and are reproduced by Maptech with the highest accuracy, clarity and calibration.

All charts and chartbooks are are printed on tear-resistant paper with a waterproof coating. Chart books are easy to use with your boat's GPS. Most charts include one-minute latitude/longitude grids to make vessel positioning a breeze, and major navigation aids are identified with named GPS waypoints.

Maptech charts include small-scale, wide area charts as well as large-scale, detailed charts of harbors and approaches. Maptech's navigation editors add magnetic courses between major navigation aids with distances in nautical miles. Charts in book form are also designed to help you do the calculations yourself. Each page includes a Compass Rose with annual increase in variation and complete scale information.

Chartbook Companion CDs include Offshore Navigator Lite, navigation software. Click your mouse to put a waypoint on a chart. Click again, and you're creating a route. It's that easy. Distances, bearings and GPS positions are calculated and displayed instantly. Print your own customized GPS waypoints, route plans and chart segments on color or black and white printers.

Connect a GPS to your laptop and see your real-time position on the computer screen. Real-time positioning requires connecting an industry-standard NMEA 0183 GPS to your PC.

The waterproof chart books cover smaller regions then the Chart kits and are perfect for the weekend cruiser. In essece, any kind of traditional paper nautical navigation chart is a perfect compact companion to a digital chart plotter and GPS.

Maptech Embassy Cruising Guides

Maptech Embassy Guides including detailed navigation charts Along with a variety of waterproof chartbooks and kits, Maptech also produces four Embassy Guides covering the US East Coast from Maine to Florida, as well as the Bahamas and Alabama. Embassy guides are easy to use and are the perfect companion when planning and underway with a trip.

In each guide is navigation advice, as well as local knowledge about each harbor and important marina information. Each guide also includes aerial photos of the various harbor entrances and local landmarks and vistas that you may see throughout your adventure.

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