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Unicord Rope and Dock Line

Unicord Corporation manufactures rope, cordage, and tying twine products primarily for the recreational & commercial marine industries.

Unicord rope
The Unicord Advantage

  • Multiple shipping points.
  • Exceptional Company growth because of their desire to meet and exceed the needs of their customers.
  • An exceptional offering of rope, cordage bungee cord, twine and webbing products for the recreational marine, hardware, home, outdoor, industrial, commercial, fisheries, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets.

  • Unicord dock line

    Recreational Marine Rope

    Unicord supplies many types of rope for recreational marine uses. Their dock and anchor lines are made of high-quality, U.S. made fibers. Recreational marine products include tow ropes, anchor lines, fender lines, ski tow lines and tube tows.

    Unicord Twisted Nylon

    Unicord Twisted Nylon

    Strong, durable, flexible and shock absorbent, Nylon rope has excellent shock absorption ability and an excellent resistance to rot, mildew, and the deterioration that can occur due to marine organisms. Twisted nylon can stretch up to 40% before breaking and is resistant to organic solvents and U.V. sunlight. Unicord Twisted Nylon is ideal for docking, anchoring and pulling.

    Unicord Braided rope

    Unicord Braided Nylon Dock Line

    Braided Dock Lines provide excellent abrasion resistance compared to budget grade anchor line. In addition, Unicord braided rope has an excellent resistance to rot, mildew, organic solvents, and U.V. sunlight.

    Unicord 3-Strand Twisted Polypropylene

    Unicord 3 strand

    Twisted Polypropylene is constructed from scratch making this rope unique and specific to the need of the customer. The production process extrudes polypropylene resin into filament fibers to create an array of colors and faster availability. Polypropylene is light, floatable, and highly resistant to most chemicals, which increases durability an longevity. This 3 strand rope is spliceable, available in colors and has very low stretch.

    Unicord Braid on Braid Nylon

    Unicord double braid

    Double Braided Nylon rope is a two in one rope that has double the advantages of nylon fiber, such as durability and strength. Ideal for marine and industrial applications where high strength and some stretch (for shock absorbency) is necessary. Its unique construction of a sixteen strand diamond braid jacket over an eight strand diamond braided core creates a kink free rope. This double braided nylon rope is spliceable, available in different colors and is resistant to most chemicals.

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