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Founded in 1970, Shrinkfast developed the first generation heat tool and their line of heat guns have since revolutionized the way packaging and shrink wrapping is done all around the world. Their latest model 998 wraps everything from small equipment to large buildings, boats, bridges, scaffolding and military aircraft. Shrinkfast heat tools are manufactured in the United States, come with a full one-year warranty, and are fully capable of handling any shrink wrapping requirement.

Shrinking heat tool models 998 and 975 will quickly heat shrink film around your product or application to provide:

  • Weatherproof protection
  • Tamper resistance
  • Storage capability
  • The ability to transport on an open flat bed
  • Construction and work site protection

  • Model 998 Heat Shrink Wrap Tool:

    Shrinkfast 998 The Shrinkfast 998 is the leading heat tool for both shrink-wrapping and shrink-film processing because it gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

    Why Use Shrinkfilm Heat Tools?


    The Shrinkfast 998 will shrink the toughest jobs more quickly and economically than its competitors because it has 15% more power. Model 998 serves-up 212,000 BTU's of power -- Enough power to shrink wrap a 40 in. x 48 in. x 60 in. pallet in less than 2 minutes.


    The 998 sleek design and lightweight (2.2 lbs) is perfectly balanced for operators comfort. It's ergonomic design and fan shape combuster creates an even and steady heat pattern for consistent shrink-wrapping.


    Shrinkfast was the first to receive a UL listing, for a heating tool in 1976 ensuring that their tools were tested and approved safe by the respected Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The 998 is designed to handle the toughest industrial jobs with built-in safety mechanisms. The 998 has a "dead man" trigger that automatically shuts off the flame once the trigger is releases. In addition, Shrinkfast designed a patented combustion cycle that allows the flame to burn outside the nozzle so that the tool stays cool to the touch, even after extensive use. The 998 also has a regulator that will shut off the propane supply automatically if the hose gets cut or develops a leak.

    Shrinkfast shrink wrapping


    This heating tool has an integrated extension system that makes large equipment or difficult to reach areas easily accessible. The Shrinkfast integrated extension system provides unlimited shrinking possibilities. Model 998 has a 2 foot, 4 foot or 6 foot extension available, providing an ideal extension and the flexibility needed to get the job done efficiently.


    The 998 comes with a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and labor. Shrinkfast also offers a full service repair facility that can answer any technical question and rebuild any heat tool or extension.


    Shrinkfast results in five-sided protection that stretch wrapping and banding can not provide.This additional protection is critical during the transportation and storage of everything from those odd-shaped pallets to large industrial equipment.

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