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Garrys Royal Satin Marine & RV

Garrys Royal Satin Marine Wax

Royal Satin Polishes & Waxes

Marine Cream Paste & Liquid Cleaner/Wax

Garry's Marine Wax Cleaner For over 35 years, Royal Satin's Marine Cream Cleaner and Wax has been the best one-step cleaner and wax, its creamy paste texture with a blend of multi-wax & cleansers has been its signature for quality. The smooth texture (or liquid formula) allows for easy-on, easy-off application that provides long lasting protection against fading, chalking, UV exposure and oxidation.

Marine Heavy-Duty Rubbing Compound

Garry's Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound Garry's Rubbing Compound is an essential first step in the Professional Detailing Process. Designed to remove tough oxidation problems, stains, and scratches that are evident in the initial cleaning process, this Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound by Royal Satin is safe for fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces.

Marine Finishing Polish

Garry's Marine Polish Garry's polish is the final step in Royal Satin's professional detailing program. Designed to be applied after the cleaner/wax, this polish is engineered to add and extra coating of protections from the elements without adding an additional layer of haze and build-up. This product contains NO WAX, but instead advanced Hydro-polymers that give off a High-Gloss shine, prevent "fish-eyes", and provide extended protection to the surfaces for those ever-lengthening boating seasons.

Garry's Royal Satin

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