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Shurhold Cleaning System

Keeping your boat, car, or RV clean shouldn't be a full-time job. Shurhold makes a variety of specialty cleaning tools designed to clean faster, better, and more efficiently. The "One Handle Does It All" Shurhold cleaning system, "On A Stick" cleaning tool attachments, and a host of brushes, mops, sponges and accessories incorporate innovative designs, top quality materials, and precise workmanship.

Shurhold Cleaning System

Shurhold Shur Lock Cleaning System

The "One Handle Does It All" system lets you quickly and easily snap on over 40 different cleaning accessories to the same handle, saving space, time and money. At the heart of this system is a telescoping handle that allows a variety of squeegee, brush, mop and other cleaning tools to connect and disconnect for cleaning large and or hard to reach areas.

The Shur Lock patented quick release system securely holds all tools and accessories in place, preventing attachments from spinning or popping off during use.

  • Brushes to clean your Boat, Car or RV
  • Boat hook for your vessel
  • Squeegees to reach second story windows
  • Scrub your Patio and Pool Deck

Hand Held Cleaning Tools

Shurhold Handheld Tools

We carry the entire line of Shurhold hand held cleaning tools, including PVA sponge and towels, scrub brushes, wash mists, microfiber towels, hose nozzles, and squeegees.

If you are committed to keeping your boat spotless, and want to minimize time and energy spent on deck maintenance, consider the Shurhold handle/pole cleaning system.

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