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Circa 1850

Circa 1850 paint

Circa 1850 is a nationally known brand made by Canada's Swing Paints. Products include stains, varnishes, polyurethanes, wood oils, polishes, cleaners and removers.

Swing Paints is Canada's largest maker of wood finishing products, including a environmentally safe paints and varnish removers for the consumer/DIY, the refinishing trade, and industrial use.

Circa 1850 boat refinishing

Why Choose Circa 1850 Paints?

Circa 1850 products feature a versatility that competitors do not have. They are harsh enough for commercial use, but can also be used for residential use. Also, Circa 1850 varnishes, primers, epoxy's cleaners and removers are created for interior and exterior use.

Circa 1850 includes varnishes, primers, polyurethanes, and epoxy's that strip, protect, prime/prepare, and beatify. They are low odor, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and include traditional and decorative colors.

Circa 1850 Varnish, Wood Oils, and Polyurethanes

Varnish, oils, and polyurethanes make up the bulk of Circa 1850's non-paint offering. Standard interior, exterior, and marine application varnishes are blended differently based on the type of wear, exposure, and surface they are applied to.

Five different wood oils, including, tung, tung + teak, natural wood oil, danish wood oil, and antique oil comprise this category. Unlike varnish, oils don't seal wood, but rather penetrate deeply for a softer and generally more rich wood sheen.

Marine grade versions of all finishes feature UV inhibitors and transparent absorbers to screen out UV rays and inhibit the graying and fading effects of the sun. Marine grade finishes also contain superior fungicides and mildewcides.

Circa 1850 Tung Oil
Circa Tung Oil

A ready to use finish made with 100% pure raw tung oil, and does not contain any other oils, resins or varnish. Circa 1850 Tung Oil penetrates deep into the pores of wood to strengthen the wood fibres. Tung Oil, extracted from the nut of the oriental tung tree, has been used for centuries to protect and beautify wood. It provides the low-lustre, hand-rubbed finish and protects wood from accidental spills and water marks.

Circa 1850 Furniture Stripper
Circa Furniture Stripper

Removes old paint, varnish, shellac, lacquer and urethane.Circa Furniture Stripper does nothave any water or harsh chemicals making it safe to use on fine furniture because it will not harm the woods natural patina or raise the grain. Plus, the gentle characteristics of Circa 1850's Furniture Stripper will not disturb the glue joints or veneers of fine or antique furniture. Circa 1850 Furniture Stripper is non flammable, and does nothave a pungent odor. Also, an afterwash or neutralizing is not necessary compared to other furniture strippers.

Circa 1850 Stain'n Varnish
Circa Stain n Varnish

Both a wood stain and a varnish finish all-in- one. Circa 1850 Stain n' Varnish has a unique gel formulation that eliminates the need for mixing or stirring. The gel formation maintains a consistent blend of stain and varnish and as a result, there is uniformity throughout the entire project. in addition because it is a gel there are no runs, drips or brush marks. Stain'n Varnish can be used on virtually any surface including wood furniture, molding, paneling and floors, pottery, metal, plastic, fiberglass, masonite and composites. Stain 'n Varnish comes in 22 pre-mixed colours (and about an array of custom-tinted colours) to suit any decor.

Circa 1850 Bowling Alley Polyurethane
Circa polyurethane

This fast dry polyurethane is often referred to as Bowling Alley finish because of its resiliency and toughness. Circa 1850 Polyurethane provides a clear, varnish-like finish.

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