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Body Glove

Body Glove

Body Glove Brand Images

Body Glove is a major watersports brand known for wetsuits, PFDs, boardshorts, swimwear, snorkeling equipment, and mobile phone and technology accessories. Founded in 1935 by twin brothers, Bob and Bill Meistrall, who used their creativity and found a new type of insulating material, called Neoprene. With this new material they invented the first practical wetsuit which allowed surfers and divers to enjoy their sport even the the cold waters of California year-round. The company name 'Body Glove' was coined because a main characteristic of their wetsuit was that it "fit like a glove".

Wakeboards Body Glove Bad Betty Wakeboard

  • Phase 4
    Fiberglass reinforced for a stiffer ride, this 4 point design features 6 removable fins to allow the rider to customize their ride from tight and true to loose and fun. The hold-um bindings have 3 point adjustment system with 1 inch foam foot bed and high density EVA heel inserts for soft landings.
  • Bad Betty
    This wakeboard was designed specifically for women, the oval design with rounded tips and tails give it extra lift off the wake, while the wide stable design gives the perfect landing. Deep center fins help to keep the board tracking straight and the hold-um bindings have a high wrap heel with 2 point adjustment system for a snug, yet comfortable fit.

Waterskis Body Glove Contour Waterskis

  • Rhythm
    The wide body slalom with parabolic cut side rails make learning a breeze, without sacrificing turning ability once you are up. Feature Rhythm Wide Body Slalom Forward mounted lace up ski bindings for a comfortable and well balanced fit.
  • Contour
    The Contour Adult Wide-Body Combos feature new Hi-Top binding which makes strapping these on a breeze, the velcro binding system with plush EVA inner is comfortable and easy to use. A wide nose gives extra lift for easy starts, while the parabolic side cut allows for smooth carving turns and easy deepwater starts.
  • Grom / Kids Trainers
    These Grom Training System Ski's were specifically designed to train a child to ski. Included is a horizontal stabilizer bar to hold skis in the proper position which allow for the rider to focus on just getting up. The unique two point towing system pulls evenly on skis and skiers arms, reducing the strain on the rider, while still giving them the feel of skiing.


Body Glove GTR Towable
  • GTR Massive Winged Tube
    This 2 person towable is a whopping 6 1/2 feet long and is sure to give a wild ride. Never leaving the waters surface, the wings let it rock and roll from wake to wake. Features deep foot wells to secure your feet and an elevated ride on top seat.
  • Reaction
    The Reaction features a new spin on the traditional 2 person cockpit tube, in the Reaction the two riders actually face one another. Four soft handles with EVA knuckle guards and an inflatable floor provide added comfort, along with a deep cockpit design and inflatable head rests.
  • Delta Wing
    The 2 person Delta Wing Towable features a massive wingspan of 75 inches, there are multiple ways to enjoy it, sit in it, lay on top of it, or ride side saddle.
  • Overdrive
    The Overdrive is a 72 inch deck tube, a huge expanse of neoprene across the middle allows for up to 3 riders. Featuring 8 soft EVA foam handles with neoprene knuckle guards allow each rider to decide how they want to experience the ride.
  • Side Car
    This two rider towable provides two completely different riding experiences. Ride on top of the TWC, throw your feet in deep foot wells, and latch onto the handles for the ultimate feeling of control. Or, sit back in the Side Car cockpit, lean against the inflatable backrest, and hold onto the EVA foam handles for a totally different feel.

Snow 'N Tow Inflatables Body

  • Aqua Bat
    Get the most use out of your Aqua Bat, tow it on the water during the summer and hit the slopes with it in the winter.

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