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Float Tech Brand Image

Float Tech Inc. began back in 2002 as an M.B.A class project when it quickly evolved into a company, which was recognized as New York's Capital Region's "Most Promising New Enterprise" in November 2004. The mission was to revolutionize the current watersports market with cutting-edge, patent-pending products, and their first product, the Float-Tech life jacket did just that. Most recently, in 2008, they launched the Sea-Tee inflatable rash guard, aimed at targeting young and active swimmers.

What makes Float-Tech different from other float coats

Float-Tech Float Coat One of the first things that makes Float-Tech so unique and different from other float coats on the market is that it is the first product to integrate a removable inflatable liner into outer apparel, the Float-Tech design allows for the inflatable layer to work on its own, as well as underneath the Float-Tech jacket and vest combination. This inflatable PDF is less bulky, lighter and versatile enough to be worn in many seasons and conditions. Inflatables have stricter performance requirements than average foam life jackets, these Float-Tech inflatable has much more buoyancy than foam life jackets and will turn your head up and out of the water. The wide neck design lays flat in the shoulders for better comfort and is the only USCG approved lifejacket that can be worn alone or zipped into an outer apparel and still exceed USCG inflatable standards.

    Features and Benefits

  • Waterproof & Breathable fabrics keep you dry in rain and protect you from the wind
  • Zip-off sleeves allow for the versatility to wear as a vest in warm weather
  • Lightweight
  • Zipper access points enable you to use Float-Tech with a seperate deck safety harness
  • Hidden brimmed hood

Sea-Tee Inflatable Rash Guard

Sea-Tee Brand Image The Sea-Tee inflatable rash guard was introduced by Float-Tech Inc. in 2008, this product was developed specifically to meet the needs of water sports enthusiasts and young swimmers alike. This revolutionary inflatable incorporates an innovative sleek and non-binding inflatable bladder with unmatched comfort and mobility as well as providing the sun and skin protection you'd expect from a traditional rash guard. When the Sea-Tee is manually activated it will provide 8+ lbs of additional buoyancy to help you stay afloat and expend less energy to swim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Float-Tech PFD U.S. Coast Guard approved?

Yes, the Float-Tech Inflatable (model # FT-HRA-R5) is USCG as a Type V with Type III performance. This product meets or exceeds the USCG/UL requirements and provides a minimum of 26 lbs of buoyancy, excellent freeboard, and exceptional turnover characteristics.

Can the Float-Tech PFD be worn with other jackets?

Float-Tech Inflatable Jackets While the liner may be worn OVER other apparel and used as your life preserver, DO NOT wear the liner under any other jacket or apparel, unless specified by the manufacturer as Float-Tech compatible. The Float-Tech PFD liner is only designed to fit approved jackets.

How long can Float-Tech keep you afloat if one should fall overboard?

All inflatable lifejackets are tested for a 12-16 hour period to maintain the proper level of air pressure. Other testing requires that less than 5% of buoyancy is lost over a six hour period. However, a conscious victim can keep the inflatable bladder indefinitely inflated using the manual oral tube.

How does Float-Tech save your life?

The inflatable Float-Tech PDF is designed to give victims an increased rate of survival, when inflated it will turn the victims head out of the water and float them at a higher and proper angle to avoid drowning, This higher angle also increases the victim's visibility in the water and keeps them from drowning and increasing their likelihood of being saved.

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