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Coleman Brand Image

Founded over 100 years ago, Coleman has been a leading manufacturer of innovative products related to the outdoors. They offer a wide range of products geared towards the camping, marine and fishing industries such as LED lights, portable grills, and their coolers that will keep drinks, food, and even freshly caught fish from your fishing excursions fresh and cold for several days. After introducing their first galvanized steel cooler in 1954 and 3 years later revolutionizing the industry by developing a process to make a plastic liner for coolers and jugs the Coleman company, which started out as a one-man light utility, quickly grew to be the biggest name in the camping business by the late 1960's.

Coleman Coolers

Coleman Marine Coolers

Coleman 200 Quart Optimaxx XP H20 Series Marine Cooler Coleman offers a wide range of coolers to suit any and all of your on-the-go activities. All Coleman Marine Coolers come complete with their own cutting boards and food trays to keep things organized and dry. These coolers have foamed insulation for added strength and cooling performance and are able to keep beverages and fish fresh and cold for days. To resist mold and mildew, Coleman Marine Coolers have a one-piece, leak-free antimicrobial liner. Additional features of these coolers include a UV resistant lid and body to resist heat penetration, rust-resistance hardware, leak-resistant drain to make cleanup easy and hinged lids with recessed latch seals to keep cold air inside. Coleman offers a full line of Marine Coolers available in a variety of sizes and styles, from a 28 Quart Cooler to a massive 200 Quart Cooler, capable of holding 327 cans!
  • 28 Quart Marine Cooler
  • Xtreme Marine Plus Series Coolers
  • Ultimate Xtreme Marine Plus Series Coolers
  • Marine 150 Quart Heritage XP H20 Series Cooler
  • Marine 200 Quart Optimaxx XP H20 Series Cooler

Xtreme Series Coolers

Coleman Xtreme Series Cooler What makes these 5-day Coolers extreme is the extra insulation in the lid and case that allows them to provide superior cold retention and the ability to hold ice for up to 5 days in temperatures up to 90° F. The Coleman Xtreme Series Coolers feature two-way handles, a channel drain and a hinged lid with drink holders.

Tips for using Coleman Coolers

  • For best and longest lasting performance, be sure to pre-chill food and drinks
  • Put ice in last, since cold air travels down cans and bottles should be loaded first and then covered with ice to achieve maximum performance
  • Don't store cooler in a hot location, if a cool location is unavailable bring the cooler inside at least 24 hours before use.
  • Ice lasts up to twice as long when the cooler is kept in the shade
  • Coleman 28 Quart Marine Cooler
  • Use cubed ice to quickly cool food and drink, and block ice to keep it cold longer
  • Don't drain cold water, recently melted ice keeps food and drinks cold and preserves ice better than empty air space
  • Close the cooler lid after opening it
  • Use separate coolers for beverages you'll want frequently and another for bulk food
  • Protect perishable foods like meat and dairy products by placing them directly on ice, plastic containers will keep food dry
  • Use dry ice to keep food frozen and be sure to place the dry ice on top of food and wrapped in heavy layers of newspaper. Do not let dry ice come in direct contact with the interior liner of the cooler, or your hands

Tips for cleaning Coleman Coolers

    Coleman Marine Cooler
  • Clean the inside and outside of the cooler before use with mild soap and warm water. Baking soda and water will help to remove tough stains from the inside
  • Remove odors with a diluted solution of chlorine bleach and water, if the odor is still present wipe the interior with a cloth saturated with vanilla extract and then leave the cloth in the cooler overnight
  • Air-dry the cooler with the lid open before storing

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