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Holmenkol Aquatics


Holmenkol Marine Coatings And Care


Holmenkol has always been innovative in its use of technology for its cleaners, polishes and sealers. Their line of marine, sport products is no exception to this innovation. They have developed a series of products able to produce an ultra thin layer for highly stable and durable cleaners, lubricants and restorers able to reduce friction and increase protection on boat surfaces.

Hlomenkol Technologies

Nano Technology
Holmenkol scientists have reduced key components of cleaners, lubricants and restorers to nano sized particles that are able to arrange themselves uniformly to create an ultra thin, ultra durable layer with an increased water repelling and glide effect compared to other conventional marine coating products.
nano technology

Nano Technology is found in a range of Holmenkol Aquatic Sports Care products.

  • SportPolish Hull and Deck Coating
  • AquaSpeed Race Polish
  • WoodProtector for Boat Teak
  • SEALnGLIDE Sailcloth Coating
  • LUBEnSPEED Glide Spray for Fittings
  • PowerImpregnation Fabric Water Proofer
  • TextileProof Textile Water Proofer
  • SportProof Leather and Textile Water Proofer
  • Sport Clear Screen Glass and Ceramic Surface Coating
  • WoodCleaner and Brigtener for Boat Teak

    Lotus Hybridmatrix Technology
    The Lotus plant is known for its repelling abilities. Water, even sticky substances simply roll of its leaves. Holmenkols Lotus Hybridmatrix Technology, simulates this natural effect to offer direct waterproof repellant results, found in several Holmenkol products.

  • PowerImpregnation Fabric Water Proofer
  • TextileProof Textile Water Proofer
  • SportProof Leather and Textile Water Proofer

    Hygiene Effect Technology
    Holmenkol Aquatics Sport Cleaning Products all employ the Hygiene Effect Technology. This technology is designed so functional sports clothes and fabrics can be safely washed at low temperature to produce a hygienically clean effect. This ensures there is no loss of breathability like other detergents may cause. Ideal for use when washing water repellant fabrics that are typically difficult to clean. Available for use on textiles or natural fibers, Hygiene Effect Technology can be found in the following Holmenkol products, for use cleaning sailing clothes, wool socks, sweaters, scarves or hats and down pillows sleeping bags or clothing.

  • TextileWash Sports Clothing Cleaner
  • NaturalWash Natural Fiber Cleaner
  • SportHygienic Shoe Spray and Odor Absorber

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